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2018-19 Acceptances (Class of 2023)

4 x Stanford, Yale, 2 x Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Oxford, London School of Economics, 2 x University of Chicago, 4 x University of California - Berkeley, 5 x University of California - Los Angeles, University of Michigan, 2 x Georgetown, 7 x University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine of USC, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Claremont McKenna College, Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, 2 x University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 3 x Vassar College, 3 x University of Washington, University College London, Kings College London, Hamilton College, 4 x Boston University, 2 x University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, 2 x University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Birmingham, 2 x Emory University, 8 x University of California - Davis, 3 x University of California - Santa Barbara, 4 x University of California - Irvine, University of Virginia, Pitzer College, Reed College... And so many more...
90% of Ivy Central students got into the US Top 50 Universities in 2018-19.
100% of Ivy Central students got into the US Top 100 Universities in 2018-19.
Ivy Central class of 2018-19 won over 2.9 Million USD in merit scholarships.
Some Key Takeaways of the MasterMind
  • Essays can make or break your application. After working on tens of thousands of essays, we know how to help you make yours stand out. With our advice; you will master your writing skills and start writing winning essays to make your application stand out.
  • Grades and Top Scores are not the only thing that get you into the Top Schools! You can do so much more to make yourself into a brilliant candidate that the colleges cannot afford to let go! We will show you how.
  • ​What do your teachers and school counselors really think about you? If you cannot answer this question then perhaps you need to start formulating a strategy to get to the answer and help them give you OUTSTANDING recommendations. Don't leave this to Chance!
  • ​Learn how to master your application profile and get noticed.
You will also hear from our student advisors who will give you 
great insight on how they won their dream universities!
Anusha Sarathy
(Yale University)
Parthav Shergill
(Stanford University)
Sanjana Rao
(University of Chicago)
Yohaan Dalal
(University of California - Berkeley)
Start Your Breakthrough and Win Big!
Here Are Some Testimonials About Caroline & Jose

Manjul Pahwa

Columbia University

“Ivy Central does much more than just 'send' their students to a selective institution. They focus on building a solid foundation by encouraging their students to challenge themselves (socially, physically and intellectually) such that they are better prepared for what a university education has to offer.
Both Caroline and Jose believe in helping their students accelerate their intellectual development. They do so by raising the bar for their students by encouraging them to take the most challenging courses offered to them. This allows them to induce the development of extra-curricular motivations and inculcate a love of learning in their students. I am of the opinion that all students enter high school with great potential; Caroline and Jose inspire them to “realize” that potential in both senses of the word.
To put succinctly: If you are looking for advisors who will bring out every student’s full potential, explain the application process concisely yet thoroughly, and inspire those working with them to be progressive, hardworking and responsible, Caroline and Jose are undeniably the best.

Anusha Sarathy

Yale University

“From the very first call onwards, Jose and Caroline became indispensable to my college process and a greater degree my high school life. Be it guiding me through standardized testing or listening to me talk about my passions and suggesting projects; they truly helped me craft an application around my passions and beliefs. They understood that the application process does not start at the beginning of grade twelve, but rather continues throughout high school. This mentality allowed me to focus on my essay writing and interviews in grade twelve as opposed to scrambling for last-minute projects. By the time I was sending out applications, I truly felt like each one was representative of my personality, passions, and experiences. This application was designed for colleges that not only were a great fit for me but also that would help me pursue all my interests.
Their seemingly endless knowledge of any school I asked about, as well as their personalized college lists based on my personality and interests, were complemented with their unending optimism and calm demeanors. The entire college process can be extremely arduous and having Caroline respond to every essay idea within an hour or Jo scheduling emergency interview prep sessions helped me a great deal.
I am incredibly grateful for their help, support, and belief in me. I know that they are not just high school counsellors but rather lifelong mentors. "

Jahnvi Arora

Cornell University

“Ivy Central was not just a college counseling service for me – it was a journey in itself, characterized by several ups and downs, but in the end, the result was worth every effort made. Jose and Caroline extracted the best out of me: they were aware of my potential and pushed me to achieve beyond the targets I set for myself. Needless to say, they are experts in building college applications that stand out, but what sets them apart is the endless support and exhortation they offer. Through meetings in person or on Skype, they always ensured I was on track with my goals and patiently responded to all my ideas. The challenging four years of high school almost felt like a breeze as my mentors were always armed with advice, suggestions and of course, Caroline’s smile, which was a huge source of motivation in itself. 

From choosing the perfect colleges to making the daunting essay-writing process less stressful, Jose and Caroline have played indispensable roles in helping me reach my dream college. I was always apprehensive as to whether I would succumb to the pressure surrounding me and lose my morale, but Ivy Central did not let me do so. Most importantly, they have inculcated a love for learning in me, which clearly makes Jose and Caroline the best counselors we have today”
The 3 Top Reasons on why you should join the MasterMind!

Learn from the Most Successful College Counselors in the World.

Caroline and Jose have a combined experience of over 40 years within this domain. They have helped countless students get motivated to work towards their dream university and win that coveted place. Learn how to master your own journey and let Caroline & Jose show you how to win the college of your dreams.

Monthly Live Sessions For 1 Year!

You will be part of live sessions conducted by the duo and their highly experienced team that will help you gain more in-depth knowledge about winning the Top Tier Universities than any single resource on the Internet.

Lots of additional content!

Caroline and Jose will release exclusive content to keep you focused on your ultimate goal and that is to win your Top Choice College! Each of these features will allow you to improve your college readiness.

• Proven application strategies to get up to 100% merit scholarships!
• Hear from our alumni and current students on how they won Big!
• Ace your SAT/ACT (Learn the best strategies to remain focused, prepared and ready to take on the challenge in 6 months)
• Getting from high school to college to employment and beyond.
• Interact, Discuss and Learn on our Private Forum.
• And so much more...
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